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Dancing, for kids is not just a fun activity but a very important part of their learning journey. Dance gives children an outlet for creativity, develops coordination, helps become more self aware of what their little bodies can do and very importantly  gives them the social skills to interact with others around them.

At Let's Bollywood, our kids classes are based on age. (Our minimum age criteria is 4.5 years)
Junior batch: 4.5 - 8 year old
Intermediate batch: 9 - 12 year old
Teens: 13 - 18 year old

Our Kids classes start with a traditional 'Namaste', gives them a taste of multiculturalism. Kids are made aware of their body with some warm up exercises before diving into the fun routine of Bollywood steps.

Each step is broken down into easy-to-understand parts and kids feel delighted when everything comes together to the rhythm of Bollywood beats. Every term, Kids learn a new dance routine and get the opportunity to perform at various cultural events and Concerts. 

Our Kids classes have a maximum capacity of 12 - 15 students, so attention is given to each kid's learning process. Not to mention the lovely friendships they create during these sessions.

Classes are once every week and run for 45 mins for Juniors and 60 mins for Intermediate Kids. 
We have a 10-week Term and Fees are paid in advance for the term.
Missed class policy is available on our Enrolment Page)

Book a FREE TRIAL CLASS at any of our locations :)

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