In today's stressful world, we all need to take a break and lift up our spirits. Dance is a great way to keep our body and mind healthy. Along with the fun of Bollywood dancing, it also has amazing health benefits like boosting our memory, improve flexibility, stress buster, lose weight, good posture, increase energy levels and make new friends.

Bollywood is a fusion of various dance forms like folk, classical and contemporary. And therefore it gives a very good opportunity to move to different rhythms and beats, making it a complete body workout.

Let's Bollywood adult classes are run by its Principle, Swina Kalwar, a Certified Zumba Instructor. Her sessions are very lively and fun, like a Bollywood Dance Party! Simple enough for the beginner but fun for the pro. Her classes have a very casual environment with lots of giggles and chats in an hour-long class. Classes are once every week. 

Wavell Heights

8 - 9 am


6.45 - 7.45 pm

North Lakes 

7 - 8 pm