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After the grand success of our First Annual Dance Concert in 2017, Let’s Bollywood Dance School, brought it's second Annual Concert in 2018 'Bollywood Emojis' - Showcase of Emotions, through Dance!

'Bollywood Emojis' was held on 17th November 2018, at the Albany Creek State High School. This concert included dancers from all our 12 batches together, Big and Small, performing their terrific Bollywood dance numbers, from the 70s through to the latest Hip shaking Bollywood Hits! A cuteness overload, a touch of Indian culture, high energy dances, along with all the shimmer and shine of Bollywood!

Bollywood Emojis was a real dazzler!!!

Happiness, Love, Struggle, Anger, Friendship...a total Bollywood Drama that transferred everyone to one of those Suraj Barjatia Productions ;) 

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