Let’s Bollywood introduces, FIRST OF ITS KIND!!! 



In the search for ‘Dancing Little Stars of Brisbane’, Let’s Bollywood is organizing this unique Bollywood Dance Competition, where the first three rounds of AUDITIONS will be held ONLINE and the FINALs will take place on 30th January, 2021, at Wavell Heights Community Hall. 


For the 3 Auditions weeks, participants will be sent a Video Tutorial to learn from, every Monday. The participant has to learn from the tutorial and send us a video of themselves doing the same dance, by end of every Thursday, for 3 weeks. Every week will be a different Dance tutorial. 


Every Audition week, 10 shortlisted participant videos will be showcased on our Social Media pages for Voting. These Votes will be part of the Participant’s Final Score at the Finals! 

All shortlisted participants from the 3 Audition weeks will compete at the Finals on 30th January. An esteemed panel of Judges will be adjudicating these performances and based on the Dancers Skill set and Votes, 3 Winners will be announced the ‘Dancing Little Stars of Brisbane’ 

Winners will be awarded with a Trophy and also be offered a chance to participate in the Competition Group, that will represent Let’s Bollywood Dance School at the upcoming Brisbane Eistedfodds and Sunshine Coast Eistedfodds in May 2021! 

There are 2 Categories in the Competition

Group 1 – Ages 5 – 8 years 

Group 2 – Ages 9 – 12 years.

Registration closes on the end of the 2nd of January


Event Details

Audition: 4th of January to 22nd of January

Final: 30th of January, 6-8pm

Final Venue: Wavell Heights Community Hall - 76 Cressey Street, Wavell Heights

Registration fees: $30 per participant. If selected for the finals, additional $50. 

Every finalist will receive one free audience pass for the finals. Additional tickets will have to be purchased from the event organizers

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