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It's that time of the year, we are getting ready for COMPETITION SEASON 2023 :)!!!


Past few years, our Competition Kids have done so wonderfully and made us super proud by grabbing awards and accolades at each competition we competed in :) 


Through our Competition groups (Juniors and intermediates), we intend to give our most gifted dancers a chance to stretch their boundaries and dance with other equally gifted dancers. As well as, bringing Bollywood Dance to a bigger, wider stage, by entering into competitions that involves various forms of dances, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary...and many more. These events are an amazing opportunity for our students to learn from a wider dance community :) 


We are now offering members outside our Let's Bollywood family an opportunity to be a part of our competition group for 2023. This competition will allow your child to unlock their dancing potential and compete in front of a larger audience.

These opportunities come with some commitments that you and your child must be willing to take. 

From the child's perspective, we need their total dedication to attend weekly training and regular home practice. 


From the parent's perspective, we have a small list of commitments that you should be ready to take up, if your child wishes to be a part of this group. Please find below, the list of competition batch commitments. Please consider the dates very carefully and mark them in your calendar. As attending every class and participating in both competitions is Compulsory. 

Let’s Bollywood Competition Group Terms and Conditions

Competition Season 2023 will have 2 groups representing Let’s Bollywood at various events:

  1. “Team Nimble Bs’’ Junior Group (5 – 9 yrs old)

  2. “Team Jhankaar’’ Intermediate Group (10 – 15 yrs old)

(these age groups are in line with the competitions we are planning to participate in)


  1. Team formation: We plan to select 15 dancers in our Junior group and 20 dancers for our Intermediate group. These dancers will be selected from two different Auditions:

  1. External Auditions on 19th Mar (for Non-Let’s Bollywood Students)

  2. Term-end Showcase and Audition on 26th Mar (for existing Let’s Bollywood Students)


  1. Term classes:

Competition batch will run during Term 2 (April 16th – 18th Jun 2023)

EVERY SUNDAY evening at .


Juniors: 4 – 5 pm (16th and 23rd April) and then 5 – 6 pm (for rest of term)

Intermediates: 5 – 7 pm (16th and 23rd April), 6 – 7 pm (for rest of term)


  1. Competition Dates: (participation in both events is compulsory)

Juniors are competing at two events:

  1. Future Stars ( – Weekend of 15th July 2023

  2. Gold Coast Eisteddfod ( – Weekend of 12th Aug

Intermediates are competing at two events:
a) BPAC ( – Weekend of 10th June
b) Gold Coast Eisteddfod ( – Weekend of 12th Aug


  1. Costumes: Both the group’s costumes will be organized by Let’s Bollywood at a small rental cost.


  1. Costs: Competition Batch Fees consists of three elements (Please note that it does not include parent entry tickets to the Competitions, only student entry):

Class Fees,
Competition Entry Fees and
Costume hire fees


Junior Group : $200 Class Fees for Term 2 + $30 Competition Entry for 2 events + $30 Costume Hire, Total = $260


Intermediate Group = $240 Class Fees for Term 2 (includes 12 sessions) + $40 Competition Entry for 2 events + $30 Costume Hire, Total = $310


These two groups are our pride and we take great pleasure in representing India and Indian culture to a larger audience, through these two groups. We hope for the same commitment and pride from families. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Auditions are on 19th March from 4-6 pm at Wavell Heights community hall.


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